Pool Layout
Prior to excavation, a representative will lay out your new pool/spa in your yard, which will represent your pool area, deck area, and location of pool equipment. The layout is based on your custom pool design. Upon your approval, we are ready to build.

  Swimming Pool Grading and Excavation
The excavating equipment is brought in and the digging begins. In most cases, it will take about one working day to complete the excavation of your swimming pool and remove the soil from your yard, providing there are no issues with soil or rock.

Steel Reinforcement for Swimming Pools
Steel-reinforcing rods, or rebar, are placed inside the excavated pool/spa area, along the bottom, up the sides, and around the perimeter. Wired together, these rods add to the strength and long life of your pool shell. Double A Pools exceeds industry standards by using additional rebar to protect your pool against ground forces.

  gunite   Gunite, Bonding for Swimming Pools
A concrete mixture, called gunite, is pneumatically applied under great pressure to bond tightly around the steel reinforcing rods. This reinforces the steel, and gives the pool longer-lasting strength.

Tile and Coping for Inground Swimming Pools
Tile is installed along what will be the waterline of the interior of the pool. In addition, coping, or the “lip” of your pool, may be installed around the pool’s perimeter. Double A Pools offers a wide variety of tile and coping colors, designs, textures and materials. Rockwork may be added at this time as well.


Interior Finish for Inground Swimming Pools
The swimming pool is covered with a durable waterproof finish. The color of the plaster or pebble finish you choose will affect the color of the water.